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How to Golf 4: Pitch to the green

The tee shot succeeded, with the second shot the ball was placed near the green. And now? Now the ball has to be placed as close to the hole as possible. A pitch is now the right choice.

Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer (Photo: Peter from Liverpool - CC BY 2.0 license via Flickr)

He is the first German who became internationally famous for his golf, and whose name is still in the list of those who belong to the greats of this sport: Bernhard Langer.

How to Golf 3: Swinging in detail

How the golf swing should look in theory, I have described in the previous article of the series. But beyond that, there are other details to consider when driving the ball forward.

How to Golf 2: Swinging to the green

The grip is the foundation, but the swing makes the difference between good and bad golf. And therein lies the crux: How should a golf swing work so that the ball flies the way the player wants it to? Today it's getting very theoretical.

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