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When it comes to manufacturing golf balls, Srixon is one of the leading companies in the world. No other manufacturer holds as many patents in the production of golf balls as Srixon, so that today the company has a firm place in the world of golf equipment.

Originally founded in Japan, Srixon has been supplying balls to well-known manufacturers in golf since the early 1930s.

Modern balls change the sport

In 1930, the company began supplying its first balls to Dunlop in the United Kingdom. During this time, the development of modern golf balls picks up speed, relying on rubber cores and plastic coverings. The sport of golf changes significantly as a result.

Players are now dealing with a ball that runs much more reliably on the green, the longevity of the balls is much greater and greater distances can be achieved. Just like many other companies in the production of golf balls, Srixon is closely associated with the rubber industry.

Srixon is a subsidiary

In 1963, Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) took over management in the UK and drove the business forward. Today, Srixon is a subsidiary of SRI Sports Limited, which in turn is part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

The company also manufactures golf clubs, which are also very successful and manages to produce the best-selling driver and other clubs in Japan, in addition to the best-selling ball.

In the early 1960s, Srixon took over the management of Dunlop in Japan, and in the 1980s, Srixon produced all Dunlop and Slazenger golf balls, including the Maxfli Balata HT ball.

Beginning in 2001, Srixon systematically signs a variety of golfers on both the men's and women's PGA Tours. Intensive sponsorship of top athletes helps Srixon become more recognized as a brand outside Japan and expand sales.

Going beyond the limits

Srixon is dedicated to breaking the boundaries of what is possible. To achieve this, the company uses, among other things, a supercomputer so advanced that Mercedes and BMW use it to accurately measure the performance of their cars.

The computer's Digital Impact Technology enables Srixon's engineers and designers to measure golf balls and golf clubs to within 1/100,000,000 of a second.

Thorough Research

All Srixon golf clubs and golf balls benefit from this thorough research, which has been conducted at the Srixon Golf Science Centre since 1994.

Srixon introduced perimeter-weighted golf balls to the world long before its competitors, and the company has filed approximately 700 patents worldwide to further improve the performance of its equipment.

By the turn of the millennium, Srixon golf balls and Srixon drivers were the number one choice for golfers in Japan, and with the introduction of the Hi Spin golf ball, the company was represented in 27 golfing nations around the world.

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