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Cobra Golf is a manufacturer of golf clubs. Its best-known product is the Baffler, a driver from the King Cobra line. Cobra has been part of the Puma Group since 2010.

Australian Thomas L. Crow, winner of the 1961 Australian Amateur Golf Championship, realized his passion for building golf clubs early on.

No club concept in the 1970s

In the 1970s, custom clubs were in high demand. Crow had noticed that many golfers were buying their golf clubs individually, without a coherent concept, always hoping the new purchase might bring improvements to the game of golf.

In 1973, Crow founded his company, specializing in what he called custom made clubs. He designed a model of club that resembled the later Baffler. It was a wooden model that included an iron plate in the sole of the club head.

Cobra Golf Inc. as a name

In 1978, the company was named Cobra Golf Inc. Gary Biszantz, who had previously worked in sales for automaker Ford, became a partner in Cobra Golf.

In 1980, the Baffler wood was launched and became a success. By 1985, it was generating annual sales of $4.5 million for the company.

By the end of the 1980s, sales also reached $20 million due to expansion into Canada, Japan and some European countries.

By 1993, the company's sales had reached $56 million. This was helped by the collaboration with Greg Norman as an advertising partner. Norman is a long-time friend like company founder Crow and also Australian.

Sale of the brand

In 1995, Cobra Golf was purchased by conglomerate American Brands, now Fortune Brands, and incorporated into Acushnet Company. Acushnet bundles the group's golf activities.

In March 2010, Puma announced its intention to acquire the Cobra Golf brand from Acushnet.

Cobra Golf continues to be successful with the Driver Baffler. The brand also has a strong position in oversized, forgiving iron clubs.

High-quality equipment

In addition, the company stands for very high-quality clubs such as fairway woods, putters and iron clubs. King Cobra Golf's golf clubs are in the premium range.

Another product line of King Cobra Golf are golf bags and accessories. Golf beginners will find an adequate golf club in the King Cobra range as well as the experienced single handicapper.

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