Speaking of: ... Rain ...

Published on   2023-03-20 by Kai

Golf is a hobby that, for the most part, takes place outside. And outdoors, for many in this case, is synonymous with "sunshine."

As a result, there aren't many golfers who take to the course even in bad weather, strong winds and/or rain. We are a nation of fair weather golfers.

That's one of the reasons golf is a seasonal sport in this country. Just ask a golfer from Califonia about the golf season. Too clear? Too sunny? Then ask a Scotsman. They play in all weathers. And therefore all year round, even at times when the golf courses here are deserted.

Nevertheless, "fair-weather golfer" is not a dirty word for me. After all, the fact that many golfers look out the window first before heading out to the course actually benefits me personally.

In my golf bag, for example, there is always a wind- and rainproof jacket . Well, if I'm honest, it's been in there since I got caught in a downpour on the course one day without any protection. And completely soaked golf is now really no fun, you can believe me.

And since then, the wet from above has definitely had positive things. For example, I don't like having to wait for the leisurely-older ladies' flight in front of me to finally clear the green to let me play, while the explorer-boy-men's flight behind me is already starting to drive its balls between my feet.

When the forecast calls for rain, they all prefer to stay at home - the older ladies as well as the brash young men. And that's when my hour strikes.

That's why I prefer to play - correctly - when rain is forecast. Then the parking lot and the golf course are empty and I have my peace and quiet. For that I gladly accept a few or even more drops from above. By the way, rain is promised for tomorrow and my golf equipment is already in the car...

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