Drivers: Recommendations for golf beginners 2023

Published on   2023-11-23 by Kai

Drivers are the queens of golf club sets. If you want to play a good round, a precise and long tee shot sets the standard for what is to come. A driver is therefore the first choice, especially for long holes and, alongside wedges and putters for the short game, often determines the score that can be recorded on the card.

Even if beginners often shy away from using a driver, the longest wood should be part of the game as soon as possible. And here too - as with everything else - it is of course important to have good material that enables distance but also forgives mistakes to a certain extent.

However, this also means that you should take a very close look when purchasing a driver. The driver should be appealing, fit well in the hand and also allow beginners a certain amount of ball control. It helps to try it out and perhaps even have it tailored, i.e. customized.

If you can't or don't want to do this, you can use tried and tested clubs or rely more or less blindly on a brand name. Here are a few drivers that many players have had good experiences with and that you can't really go wrong buying.

Wilson Men's PRO STAFF SGI Driver

The Wilson Pro Staff SGI driver is the ideal addition to golf sets and, according to the manufacturer, is ideal for maximum length shots.

This club features "Super Game Improvement Technology", which moves the center of gravity of the head behind the clubface. This is said to provide more length and precision.

With its forgiving properties, this driver can promote more fun and confidence in your own game. It is also made from a high-quality graphite material for greater durability. All together, it is the perfect addition to your existing club sets and will take your game to the next level.

Callaway X HOT Driver

The Callaway X Hot Driver combines high forgiveness with increased ball speeds to achieve greater distances. The VFT clubface helps maximize speed on both centered and less precise ball contact.

The pronounced forgiveness ensures consistent performance, while the precise position of the center of gravity ensures a smooth and optimal ball flight. In addition, the X Hot Driver is equipped with the proven Opti-Fit adjustment system, which allows the loft angle to be individually adjusted to achieve the ideal launch angle.

In summary, the Callaway X Hot Driver offers long distance, increased speed and a forgiving head shape. The VFT face provides fast ball speeds on both centered and off-center hits, and the ability to adjust loft and lie the setup.

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver

The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS features the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge with an anodized aluminum back cap. According to the manufacturer, this promises increased speed on non-centered clubs. It also increases stability at impact. The Jailbreak A.I. speed frame also helps here.

The Rogue driver was developed by Callaway with the aid of the latest technologies. As a result, the club should also offer the less experienced player a good feel for the ball with a lot of feedback at impact.

With its newly designed club head, this driver promises better forgiveness thanks to its special weight distribution. This means that good distances can be achieved even with balls that are not hit perfectly.

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