Putters: Recommendations for golf beginners 2023

Published on   2023-09-28 by Kai

A club that is essential right from the start, that every player needs and that beginners learn to use straight away is the putter. It is the only choice when it comes to guiding the ball well on the green and putting it in. But as with any other club, the putter is all about feel. And that is irrational. So if the putts don't want to succeed, the ratio is and remains poor, then it may ultimately be down to the putter.

It is a very individual matter which putter you play. Of course, it should meet a certain quality standard. However, the shape and color of the head must also appeal. This is why it can be difficult for beginners in particular if they have bought a complete set that also includes a putter. Anyone who doesn't feel comfortable on the green, for whom the grip on the putter always feels a little unruly, should look around the market - and ultimately possibly improve their score in the long term.

For this reason, here are some recommendations for putters that promise good results on the green for both beginners and ambitious advanced players, because, as the old saying goes, that's where everything is ultimately decided.

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter

The Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 is top price-performance from Wilson. The easy to play, forgiving, classically designed blade putter helps to save putts. It is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

Classic blade shape

The classic blade shape of the Wilson Harmonized Putter is preferred by players who prefer to move the putter in a straight line. The design of the Wilson Putter Harmonized has been optimized to make it easier to align the ball. The forgiving Game Improvement technology, the new eye-catching, slightly thicker grip with a vertical seam for more feel make the Wilson Harmonized putters so popular.

Wilson Men's Putter - Beginner to Intermediate, 830g, Harmonized MRH

The Wilson ProStaff Harmonized Putter, as the manufacturer expressly emphasizes, places particular emphasis on fault tolerance. The weight has been shifted away from the clubface to the rear, increasing the MOI ("Moment Of Inertia") in order to reduce the twisting of the clubface on off-center putts. It stands for aggressive, modern putting and is ideal for beginners and advanced golfers.

Higher center of gravity

The putter has a counterweight under the larger grip, which ensures a higher center of gravity. It is therefore perfect for normal to extra tall players from 1.80 meters. Horizontal lines on the putter head ensure more precise alignment, while the vertical seam on the back of the grip and the polymer face insert improve the feel.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL putter helps you sink more putts. It has a clear alignment that aids aiming. Reviews report that this club can dramatically change the way you play. The putter has a symmetrical balance, includes an alignment tool and a head cover. The weight of the putter is perfect and helps to make the necessary and smooth pendulum motion to get the golf ball safely on target.

Offset Hosel

The "plumber's neck" hosel on the putter, the connection of the club head to the shaft, is offset from the center towards the player. This makes it easier to aim at the hole and helps to send the ball safely on the right path with a gentle touch. The black and green grip is a popular putter grip. It is made of polyurethane and fiber layers that give it a firm feel while being comfortable and providing excellent shock absorption.

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