Balls: Recommendations for golf beginners 2023

Published on   2023-10-19 by Kai

Golf beginners can do without many things when taking their first steps on the course: A trolley, after all you can carry bags, a complete set of clubs, because a selection is enough to start with, golf shoes, golf gloves and a lot more. But what should never be missing, because otherwise the game won't work, is a golf ball.

Many manufacturers of clubs and other equipment for the perfect equipment also have balls in their range. The design may differ, but the requirement is always the same: a golf ball should create a good feeling at the moment of impact.

Many choose subjectively

Ultimately, the differences are not as great as is always claimed, which is why many players choose a ball for purely subjective reasons: Their partner plays the model, the equipment is from the same manufacturer, the design of the logo suits their taste or they have simply gotten used to it.

If you're not yet sure which ball to go out for a round with, you can perhaps ask other golfers to give you a ball to try out - or take a look at the following recommendations.

Wilson Staff Dx2 SOFT

According to the manufacturer, the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf ball offers the lowest compression (29) on the market. The two-piece ball has a very rubbery core, which makes it one of the softest balls available. The low compression (deformation of the ball at impact) and the soft core ensure less spin, which promises a longer ball flight. The feedback and good feel when playing short distance around the green should also be enhanced. Wilson also advertises the high launch speed and above-average distance. The DX2's surface, or shell, is made of ionomer, a thermoplastic material.

TaylorMade Distance+

The name alone reveals what the two-piece TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is all about: distance. The soft core has a low compression (77) and was specially developed for more distance from the tee. For the best aerodynamic properties, the ionomer shell has been equipped with 342 dimples, which are shaped and arranged in such a way that air resistance is reduced. The result, TaylorMade promises, is higher ball speeds. The soft shell results in a pleasant feel and, last but not least, high durability. To aid putting, this ball has a newly designed alignment aid in the form of two lines arranged at right angles.

Titleist Trufeel

The newly formulated TruFlex cover offers the softest feel of any Titleist golf ball, according to the manufacturer. If you value good feedback at impact but don't want to compromise on quality and performance, this is the ball for you. Thanks to its low-compression core, the ball does not feel hard and firm, so that a soft resistance can be felt on all clubs. Anyone looking for this feel in a ball could find it here. Thanks to the innovations in the core, the shell and the aerodynamics, the ball now flies a few meters further in the long game, Titleist promises.

Callaway Supersoft

The new Supersoft aims to impress across the board. Callaway has enhanced the cover, core and construction technologies to improve performance from tee to green. The HyperElastic SoftFast Core increases ball speed, especially in the driver, and provides a soft feel in the irons and on the green. The multi-material construction and dynamic hybrid cover provide great distance, exceptional spin, outstanding feel and control in the short game.

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