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Honma Golf Co. Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1959 by the Honma family, a merchant with a long tradition. Accordingly, the company has the words "tradition" and "innovation" written all over it.

The company has established itself in the golf world as an absolute premium manufacturer. Located in the Sakata region, the company is now one of the largest golf club manufacturers.

More than 100 master builders

Every single Honma golf club is extremely thoroughly handcrafted. In the meantime, around one hundred master club builders are involved in the production of the high-quality golf clubs.

Honma golf clubs, as the manufacturer itself emphasizes, are not just ordinary clubs; each one is almost a work of art in its own right and is aimed primarily at the particularly discerning golfer who is happy to pay a little more for his passion.

Honma manufactures all components in-house and stringent quality checks at every stage of production result in selection.

Titanium and graphite shafts

Another special feature are Honma's golf club shafts, which are also manufactured in-house using a patented process from high-quality titanium and graphite fibers. This makes them extremely light and low in torsion.

Honma Golf's products are in the upper price segment. They are aimed at the experienced golfer.

There is hardly any other manufacturer with as much tradition as Honma, or so the manufacturer itself claims. And if you make a survey among golfers today, which is the most exclusive brand, most would certainly answer "Honma".

So you can spend well over 50,000 euros for a complete set. No question, only very few can afford that, and it's not the norm either.

Standing built up over decades

Honma plays in the upper market segment, but the clubs of the Tour World Series, for example, are hardly more expensive than those of other well-known manufacturers. Hardly more expensive means: about 1100 euros for a complete set of irons.

Honma has built up its standing over decades and its success is no coincidence.

Waiting time for exclusive clubs

The strategy works in any case, because currently many clubs are out of stock in Europe - due to too high demand. They can only be obtained with a longer waiting period.

Honma's customers are usually happy to accept this waiting time, after all, their club is then also manufactured and assembled in Japan according to the individual specifications.

[Source: Wikipedia]

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