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Training under control

It's not new, yet it's something you should always remember and act upon: In the game of golf, it's like any learned movement: over time, mistakes creep in. This is also or especially the case with ambitious training. It is important to counteract this.

All beginnings 10: Golf course license passed - and now?

Done, finally: The course is over, the basics learned. And now? There are many ways to start your golf career. But for the most part, it also comes with a cost.

Which club to use? - Part 2

The previous article in this series was about laser rangefinders, which can help the golfer on the round to choose the right club for the next shot.

All beginnings 9: The exam day - Part 2

The practical exam round for the Platzreife is almost complete. It didn't go well, but not so badly that I had to set myself up for a repetition. Now I'm standing on the last green, with exactly one stroke left to pass the golf course license test. The upcoming putt is not impossible, but also not easy to make. Full concentration is now the order of the day.

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