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Which club to use? - Part 1

Those who have been paying homage to the sport of golf for a long time, whose muscles have learned their very own golf swing in a reproducible way, in short: those who are already driving the ball more or less evenly, for whom distances on the golf course are becoming increasingly important.

All beginnings 8: The exam day - Part 1

The circumstances are immediately familiar: After we have struggled out of bed early Saturday morning and dragged ourselves to the golf course, we are again greeted - just as at the beginning of the course - by light fog and unpleasant coolness.

Hybrids - saviors from adversity

The series of articles about the usual cutlery in the golf bag is coming to an end. But certainly not without introducing the most valuable invention especially for golfers with higher handicap: the hybrid clubs.

All beginnings 7: The way to the golf course license - Part 2

Even before I held a golf club in my hand for the first time, there were friends who wanted to proselytize me for the game on the long courses. One very special couple once took me out for a round. I was just a spectator, but quickly got an impression of how much the game with the small ball is subject to special rules.

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