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William Ben Hogan

William Ben Hogan (b. August 13, 1912 in Texas; † July 25, 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas) was a role model as a golfer for many subsequent professionals in the sport. His swing is still considered the perfect sequence of movements.

How to Golf 3: Swinging in detail

How the golf swing should look in theory, I have described in the previous article of the series. But beyond that, there are other details to consider when driving the ball forward.

How to Golf 2: Swinging to the green

The grip is the foundation, but the swing makes the difference between good and bad golf. And therein lies the crux: How should a golf swing work so that the ball flies the way the player wants it to? Today it's getting very theoretical.

How to Golf 0: Warm up properly before the first shot

Much can already be found on this page around the topic of golf: It describes the different types of clubs that can be found in a golf bag, it discusses their proper use, it talks about the different ways to propel the ball and finally putt it in.

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