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How to Golf 5: The chip to the flag

Stephen Gallacher Round 4 Open de France 2013 t134520.jpg (Photo: Marie-Lan Nguyen)

When it comes to a player's touch in golf, the first stroke that comes to mind is the putt. But there is another stroke where sensitivity is of great importance: the chip.

How to Golf 6: The putt - about the happiness of the "plop"

The putt is a special stroke in golf in several respects. First and foremost, it is usually the last shot, the one that finishes a hole. It can therefore be the one followed by an indescribable feeling of happiness at the "plop" with which the ball falls into the hole. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

How to Golf 4: Pitch to the green

The tee shot succeeded, with the second shot the ball was placed near the green. And now? Now the ball has to be placed as close to the hole as possible. A pitch is now the right choice.

How to Golf 3: Swinging in detail

How the golf swing should look in theory, I have described in the previous article of the series. But beyond that, there are other details to consider when driving the ball forward.

How to Golf 2: Swinging to the green

The grip is the foundation, but the swing makes the difference between good and bad golf. And therein lies the crux: How should a golf swing work so that the ball flies the way the player wants it to? Today it's getting very theoretical.

How to Golf 1: Getting a handle on it

As with many sports, it's the same with golf: buying equipment and then just getting started doesn't work. The first step is not about training, but about the foundation. And in golf, that lies in the right way to hold the club.

How to Golf 0: Warm up properly before the first shot

Much can already be found on this page around the topic of golf: It describes the different types of clubs that can be found in a golf bag, it discusses their proper use, it talks about the different ways to propel the ball and finally putt it in.

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