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All beginnings 14: My most difficult opponent

But the longer I play the courses in my area, the more often I can be found on the greens, the more it crystallizes that I am often no match for a particular opponent.

How to Golf 1: Getting a handle on it

As with many sports, it's the same with golf: buying equipment and then just getting started doesn't work. The first step is not about training, but about the foundation. And in golf, that lies in the right way to hold the club.

All beginnings 13: Golfing is like driving a car

You've passed your golf course entrance exam, completed your membership, and received your DGV card. Now nothing stands in the way of my golf career. With all my freshly acquired knowledge and skills (a big word for my bungling on the course), I wanted to quickly improve the club target of 54, which is not officially called a "handicap" until 36. Easier said than done.

How to Golf 0: Warm up properly before the first shot

Much can already be found on this page around the topic of golf: It describes the different types of clubs that can be found in a golf bag, it discusses their proper use, it talks about the different ways to propel the ball and finally putt it in.

All beginnings 12: Club membership - Part 2

In the previous article in this series, I asked what comes after the license to play golf, and I already gave the first of the possible answers: Full membership in a golf club. This text will now provide information about a second possibility.

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