Golf: On a fine line between heaven and hell

Anyone who has ever stood at a tee, followed the ball onto the fairway and finally reached for the putter on the green knows:

Golf is more than just a game and a pastime.

Golf is the constant balance on the fine line between heaven and hell. The path across the course is peppered with emotions of all kinds; only rarely in life is the romantic alternation between "sky high" and "sad to death" closer together.

Reaching for the bag, choosing the right club, addressing the ball, struggling to concentrate, making the perfect swing - all these moments are part of a constant battle with oneself and against the scorecard.

They reflect the eternal hope for that one right shot, that perfect moment of impact, followed by the hitherto unattained range of the shot and the subsequent irrepressible feeling of happiness: "What's the world coming to?"

Royal moments are rare

However, anyone who regularly travels to the golf course knows only too well: these royal moments are very rare. Many shots are just the opposite of perfect, many rounds leave the scorecard with a smorgasbord of high, even too high, numbers, shot after shot, until the ball finally finds its way into the hole.

Six strokes on a par 3 hole? Unspeakable. Often the flight partner has to stroke the sore soul with nice words. But every now and then the tables are turned and you yourself are the comforter (and are secretly happy that at least this time you were better than the other on this hole).

Kai - the author

You don't have to be an Adonis to play golf. Even for me, a self-confessed couch potato, picking up a club helps me to forget everyday life and have fun, even if I know that my swing is certainly not textbook. More about me and of course my partner for the technique can be found here.

"I can do it" is not a golf joke

Golf is a game against the little devil on one's own shoulder, because it is not uncommon that just when the thought of offering the good equipment for sale to the next best person comes up, that one great shot that makes you forget the past ten failed swings: "I can do it after all," shoots through your head, this time not as a golfer's joke, but meant quite seriously and almost defiantly.

Suddenly there's a sense of victory again: "Who said sell equipment? Out of the question." Now more than ever, is the motto. Unfortunately, the elation often only lasts until the next stroke. Because the little devil only wants to reassure the player, lull him into a sense of security, the success is deceptive, perhaps more luck than skill. The next shot promptly goes into the rough again, with the threat of a ball loss. Oh, it's a constant cycle between elation and gloomy thoughts.

Enjoying the feeling of freedom

And yet: that one shot out of ten, maybe even just twenty, that one makes all the difference. It outweighs all the bad feelings by far and makes many golfers in Germany stand at the tee again and again, enjoying the feeling of freedom that comes as soon as the ball is teed up.

The everyday life becomes then completely small, is no longer even secondary matter. The only thing that counts is the ball. Despite all the hassle of missed shots, the bottom line is that golf is one thing: pure relaxation in the great outdoors.

So you have to keep practicing, maybe book another lesson with a trainer or think about new clubs. Because it may well be down to the swimming trunks if the farmer can't swim. The latest technology has also found its way into golf, and a new driver can possibly permanently give you that extra ten meters of driving distance you've been struggling for so long.

New materials can help, and "forgiveness" is just one of many keywords. Not only does it help one's own technique, sometimes a new trolley is simply balm for the soul, it folds up more easily, fits better in the car, and already provides the good feeling that underlies a successful game when preparing for the upcoming round.

This website gives answers to many questions

This page will now shed light on the diverse equipment that can pave the way to becoming a good golfer. From the right set of irons to a good putter, from the ball to the glove to the clothing. An overview for beginners as well as advanced players. And ultimately also proof that golf is not as expensive as many still believe. The hunt for the ball is on its way to becoming a real popular sport.

Therefore: Have fun browsing.

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